Our story


"So You Dare" is a brand that sets the rhythm of every women's daily life. In the morning at work and the evening meeting at the bar with friends, on a romantic date and active holidays with friends. Clothing brand "So You Dare" allows you to be yourself anytime, anywhere.
The style that you create yourself. Feel free to mix things and get a new unique look. For confident and strong women who value their comfort, but remain stylish in any situation.


Why “SYD”?

  • The brand's exclusive clothing is created in 100 pieces. Each item is numbered, which makes it possible to understand the authenticity of the product. Be sure to attend all the events without worrying about meeting someone in the same outfit as yours.
  • One of the main principles of the brand is -  the use of only environmentally friendly and natural materials, with the opportunity of further recycling. You can always bring our products for recycling and get a nice bonus in the form of a discount.
  • Our company actively supports charitable foundations for the protection of animals. By purchasing jewelry from the SYD brand, part of the funds are donated to charity organizations.
"So You Dare" is a brand for bold, daring, self-confident women, who love fashion and have their style.
Do you dare to do it? So go for it!